Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is AutoAssist really free?

A: Yes to be a member of AutoAssist is really free. AutoAssist is designed to only assist or facilitate the transaction on behalf of the member. Any payment for the services rendered by any of the service and/or product providers thereafter is solely for the account of that member.

Q: Where is the catch?

A: There is none. Discounts can be provided through leveraging the buying power of our supplier database and our huge membership base. It is a win-win for everyone.

Q: How do I make use of the benefits?

A: It’s easy. Contact us on the Home Page by indicating to us what type of service you require. Depending on the option(s) selected, either we (AutoAssist) or the service provider will contact you directly to service your requirements bringing you great savings and benefits.

Q: Am I limited to the number of vehicles I can have on the system?

A: No! Tell us the vehicles that you have and they can all benefit from being part of the base.

Q: Can I tell my friends about AutoAssist?

A: Yes absolutely! Refer a friend and let them also enjoy the benefits – sharing is caring!

Q: Can you assist with looking for a vehicle for me?

A: Yes we can and we do it all the time! It is one of the biggest services we offer to our members because it is such a big decision and it is not something that you do every day.

We have the ability to source great deals for you on either new or used vehicles. We are able to source vehicles on a national basis and can deliver a full service offering that includes facilitating finance through any of the banks for the car of your choice.

FIND IT…..INSPECT IT…. FINANCE IT…and take ownership – But you choose… you are in complete control choosing who you want to deal with and what you looking for!

Q: Can you assist with a private-to-private vehicle purchase?

A: Yes we can! Buying a vehicle from a private seller can be confusing and have potential pitfalls.

AutoAssist can facilitate and provide the guidelines when you buy privately ensuring that you know what you are buying and that the deal is safe and secure.