What is AutoAssist?

AutoAssist is a concierge based service that assists you with car related matters - for FREE! Whether you're looking to:

  • apply for finance for your new car or refinance your second one,
  • buy another car or service your current one,
  • insure your vehicle or extend the warranty
  • get the best quote on tyres, brakes, batteries or windscreens

- you'll have a very different experience the moment you start talking to AutoAssist


There are three unique things that set us apart. 

  1. Our assistance will cost you no more than if you were to go to the service provider directly yourself.
  2. No matter how you chose to deal with us, we provide a personalised service to all members. For those members who chose to fulfill more complicated financial transactions, our service providers have consultants who will meet you face-to-face when finalizing the deal.
  3. We are neither a bank nor a service provider and exist to provide you with better options than what you currently have!
Put us to the test - contact us and see how we can help.

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Become a member - It's free!
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